TikTok sues Trump administration over their US ban

Short Bites:

  • TikTok sues Trum administration overr grounds of US ban.
  • TikTok says the ban violates due process protections.
  • Trump had released an order banning TikTok from September 15th if they do not meet certain conditions.
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TikTok has sued President Donald Trump’s administration for banning transactions with parent company ByteDance. “The [Trump] administration ignored our extensive efforts to address its concerns, which we conducted fully and in good faith,” TikTok wrote in a press release. “We do not take suing the government lightly, however we feel we have no choice but to take action to protect our rights, and the rights of our community and employees.”

“The executive order is not rooted in bona fide national security concerns,” the complaint reads, noting that “independent national security and information security experts have criticized the political nature of this executive order, and expressed doubt as to whether its stated national security objective is genuine.” It notes that personal communications and “informational materials” — potentially including apps — are typically exempt from sanctions. And it argues that TikTok’s app code is “an expressive means of communication” covered by the First Amendment.

This adds another twist in the long drawn out struggle between TikTok and the Trump administration.

Trump had announced that TikTok would be forced to shut down operations by September 15th if no American company had acquired it.  Trump cited data security and privacy issues in the app. This order also involved WeChat and a group of WeChat users have also sued the Trump administration for the same.

This announcement added pressure on TikTok to close a deal with an American company. Microsoft has publicly announced interest in buying TikTok and Oracle has been rumored to be in talks for the same.

TikTok finds itself in a similar situation in India. Having already been banned by the Modi government, TikTok is trying to close a deal with Mukesh Ambani owned, Reliance Industries, to ensure they can stay float in their largest market outside China.

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