Osmo Mobile 4 officially launched by DJI

Short Bites:

  • DJI announced the Osmo Mobile 4 today.
  • Mounting mechanism is the only major change from the previous version.
  • Available for purchase from DJI website, BestBuy and Moment.
Osmo Mobile 4

Osmo Mobile 4 has finally been launched by DJI, following weeks of leaks.

The major change is in the mounting of the phone on the gimbal. DJI has decided to ditch the traditional clamp and has opted for a magnetic phone mount. The gimbal shipps with a magnetic phone clamp which can be used independently. This clamp will be used to mount the phone onto the gimbal. This system helps users to get shooting with their gimbals quickly, rather than mounting the phone and then balancing the gimbal, which is the experience with the traditional gimbal.

The Osmo Mobile 4 retains the same foldable design, , button layout and 15 hour battery life from its predecessor, the Osmo Mobile 3. DJI claims that the Osmo Mobile 4 is lighter and has upgraded motors to better support heavier phones.

You can check out the comparison between the Osmo Mobile 4 and Osmo Mobile 3 here.

On the software front, DJI has provided a whole suite of new features in the Osmo Mobile 4.

  • Active Track 3.0

    ActiveTrack 3.0 lets you follow your subject, offering smart recognition and high-precision tracking.

  • Dynamic Zoom

    Dynamic Zoom works by digitally zooming in on a subject while walking backward or zooming out while walking forward.

  • Clone Me Panorama

    CloneMe Pano is an intelligent mode that places you in several locations of your shot. This clever little feature creates an epic panorama shot that pauses in between each shot to let you strike a different pose.

All these features can technically be executed even on the previous versions of DJI’s gimbals.

The Osmo Mobile 4 is launching today and is available in the US for a launch price if $149, which is $20 higher than its predecessor. Its available to purchase right now on DJI website, BestBuy and Moment.

I will update the India launch date and buying links when they become available.

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